Anna and the Dark place

Russell Nohelty


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This is an EXCLUSIVE monthly serial from Russell Nohelty. Anna cannot escape death. It follows her everywhere. First with her aunt, then her father, and now her best friend Katie has died after a long battle with cancer. With her best friend gone, Anna can barely cling to the last vestiges of her sanity. So, when Katie’s ghost comes back from beyond the pale to tell Anna about a tear in the barrier between the living of the dead, Anna is sure she’s gone crazy. She denies Katie at first. However, eventually Katie turns Anna to her side and convinces her to help. Now, together they must learn a spell that will save the world before the dead invade and destroy everything. Join Anna and Katie on a fantastical quest that introduces them to trolls, gnomes, dragons, and much more as they discover that their town more than they ever imagined. If you love the idea of magic hiding in plain sight, coming of age stories about people becoming more than they ever thought possible, or tales about overcoming grief in the face of overwhelming pain, then make sure to pick up Anna and the Dark Place today.


Russell Nohelty:
USA Today bestselling author