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With Free Comic Book Day 2020 postponed in the ether, fellow creator Neo Edmund and I thought it would be an awesome idea to host an alt free comic day filled with free digital books, tons of awesome panels, and great creators hanging out for two days, on May 1st and 2nd.

And then we did that, for over 14 hours of live streaming, and it was awesome

Day 1

Panel 1 - Keynote with Jimmy Palmiotti

Panel 2 - Developing an idea with Barbara Kesel and Walter Ostlie

Panel 3 - Writing the Script with Shannon Denton, Kelly Sue Milano, and Fabrice Sapolsky

Panel 4 - Keynote with Marv Wolfman

Panel 5 - Finding and working with an artists with Tony Puryear and Lee Kohse

Panel 6 - Revision and editing with Samantha Knapp, Joe LeFavi, and Jim Higgins

Panel 7 - How to work with comic shops with Eddie DeAngelini, Ryan Liebowitz, and Carmelo Chimera

Day 2

Panel 1 - Drawing Blood panel with Kevin Eastman, David Avallone, Ben Bishop, and Troy Little

Panel 2 - Social media and building a platform with Ruthann Thompson and Raena Merritt

Panel 3 - Getting press with Dan Wickline and Hannibal Tabu

Panel 4- Keynote with Richard Starkings

Panel 5 - Crushing your Kickstarter with Camilla Zhang, Roye Okupe, and Ami Goff

Panel 6 - Working with Hollywood with Matt Hawkins and Jonathan Maberry

Panel 7 - Keynote with Sandy Carpenter (with cameo by John Carpenter)