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From 3/13/20-3/15/20, Wannabe Press hosted their first ever virtual convention, trying to raise money for displaced artists who were reeling from the loss of many cancelled shows due to the COVID-19 virus.

We hosted over two dozen artists, writers, and creators and created over 13 hours of content. Watch the archives below, and sign up for updates for our next virtual event.

Day 1
Hour 1 -Nicoline Evans and Katrina Kunstman
Hour 2 -David Avallone and Cammry Lapka
Hour 3 -Matt Knowles and Steph Cannon
Hour 4 -Leah Lederman and Diana Levin
Day 2
Hour 1-Christie Shinn and Carolyn Carter
Hour 2 -Madeleine Holly-Rosing and Eddie Deangelini
Hour 3 -Kathryn Calamia and Leanne Ingino&
Hour 4 -Melissa Pagluica and Moana McAdams
Day 3
Hour 1 -Comfort Love and Adam Withers
Hour 2 -David Pepose and Jonathan Howard
Hour 3 -Travis Gibb and Erik Lervold
Hour 4 -David Lucarelli and Melissa Massey
Hour 5 -Onrie Kompan and Christian Gossett