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Aliens are invading. The Earth is doomed. The end of the world is a bad time to fall in love.

Joshy is a normal kid from an average town suffering through a mediocre road trip with his family. He's positive this vacation will be just as bland and uninteresting as every one that came before it.

Then he meets Debra. She's everything he's ever wanted in a girl. She's smart, funny, and radiant. They love all the same things, right down to the same obscure comic books.

There's a definite spark between them.


The moment they finally kiss, a bolt of electricity from Debra's mouth knocks Joshy unconscious. He wakes up to a shocking truth.

Debra is an alien.

Worse yet, another race called the Globorians are about to invade Earth and enslave all of humanity.

Now, Joshy and Debra must race against time to stop the Globorian plot and save the planet before it's too late.

If you love young romance, alien invasions, coming of age stories, and non-stop action, then grab Invasion today.