And Ruin Followed Behind Her

Russell Nohelty


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Pixies are real. They are being hunted. Julia Freeman must protect them. And Ruin Followed Behind Her combines three books into one.

In Mystery Spot, Julia Freeman finds out that she is a pixie and must stop a dangerous cult from using her blood to open a portal to Hell.

In Into Hell, Julia travels into Hell to rescue a young pixie who was kidnapped by an evil banshee as a gift for the dark lord, Lucifer.

In Last Stand, Julia tracks a secret society that wants to use pixie blood to summon a demon to do their bidding, and only Julia and her new apprentice can stop them. However, when their investigation goes south, Julia must survive her most difficult challenge yet; the pits of Hell.

If you love dark fantasy, demons, action, and adventure, then pick up And Ruin Followed Behind Her today.